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Health Benefits Of Horse Gram

Posted by Joyson on July 21, 2011 at 5:08 AM

Horse gram is called Kollu in South India, Cowpea in English, Kulti in Hindi, Kuntikali in Bengali, Muthira in Malayalam, Habbul Kulth in Arabic, Kulatha Kalai in Sanskrit, Bian Dou in Chinese, Bonnavista Bean and also Hyacinth Bean. This different lingual name suggests that horse gram is known and used world over.  The health benefits of horse gram have come to light  in the western world recently,  it has been used for medicinal purposes by Indian Ayurvedic Vaidyas since centuries.

  • Used traditionally as a diuretic and astringent .
  • From piles, rheumatism, removing of worms to curing conjunctivitis the Ayurveda has used horse gram as a cure for all these ailments.
  • Cough and cold is a very common problem. But even though there are a whole array of medicines available, many times phlegm is difficult to extract from the body and the problem becomes chronic. Horse gram powder or liquid is known to treat this problem with great effect and clears the body of all the residues of phlegm.
  • The liquid of horse gram powder when taken regularly helps control and eliminate skin rashes, boils or eruptions.
  • Horse gram liquid when taken during high fever is known to decrease the temperature
  • This gram is known to have phenols which help reduce weight
  • People with Cholesterol should take horse gram regularly as it helps in reducing cholesterol levels

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